New Releases – past month or so…

It’s been a minute since we listed some new arrivals.  Been a crazy holiday season.  Here’s a few new releases from as-of-late that we really loved!!


ciaC.I.A – Self Titled LP

“This record is an encapsulation. The omnipresent fear and anger. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? And what is really going on? Consternation…today…There is difficulty, frustration, strain and a large snake. You can feel the pressure of it breathing on the streets, in media, and in your lunch. This s/t, by The C.I.A., is an urgent musical notice. I feel it immediately. The pointed vocal cadence and lyrics of Denée Segall is a sharp scythe, and the actual time is…now. “I feel the same distress call and disposition from Crass records like Penis Envy or DIRT. In fact, if you took that, mixed in “Black Silk Stocking” by Chrisma and a touch of early Nic Endo (Atari Teenage Riot) and even Dinah Cancer (45 Grave) Autopsy era, you can get a feeling. And, similarly to those mentioned, Denée is putting a time stamp on this time. The spirit and her viability is strong in many a corner, and in many a heart. The alarm is ringing. “This is survival sound, put on record well backed by Ty Segall and Emmett Kelly, who have added anything-must-happen, mercurial, constantly moving instrumentation. The sounds, consistent with unique monochrome, move like an engine, made gas-tight by piston rings. Sonic rings moving in tight machine patterns. And at the vocal helm is Denée, steering this machine in vocal directions across an exclamation point motorway. No salt, all salt. Traction and reaction. They built a sound machine with, and for each other.  Survival sound lifts its head up when it needs to. Thankfully it gets put on record and released when it needs to.” —Tim Presley




forwardFORWARD – Apathy Kills People 7″

New 7” from Japan’s Forward!  From the torch bearers of Burning Spirits hardcore punk come 2 new tracks of Japanese HC punk the way only Forward can bring it. Formed over 22 years ago as a continuation of the spirit of bands like Deathside and Insane Youth (and Rustler) Forward have never stopped releasing records and touring the world to spread their Burning Spirit Hardcore! Two tracks, “Apathy kills People” and “Our  World Our Own” are a critique of modern society as well as a message of our community. The music is as familiar as their traditional Japanese hardcore sound but with some added influences from each members  experiences (there is a bit of a G.I.S.M. sound cutting through on the title track maybe coming from Souichi’s stint with them the last years?)  this release is in advance of their new full length and to coincide with their north american tour.  (Black Water Records #74)






rohtROHT – Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess LP

Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess which roughly translates to “Industry and its Future”, is taking the oddity and isolationism of hardcore punk and industrial noise and smashing them even further together than they did on previous releases. This is the sound of a band perfecting its approach to the world. And we can’t get enough. At first listen it is what seems to be a simple formula of bass, noise, drums and vocals but as you continue to listen, delicate layers of depression, life, anger, creativity, emergence and deconstruction begin to unfold until you find yourself trapped in a dystopian clamor void of hellish nothingness. Industry and its future indeed. 350 copies on black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with printed inner sleeve and download card included.





colortvCOLOR TV – Self Titled LP

After concocting a batch of 7-inch singles that leaked from various Twin Cities basements, here is the debut LP from Color TV—speedy punk rock that slaps with tight bursts of melody and quirk, filled with the sardonic musings of living in the sci-fi dystopian hellscape that is the now. Heavily influenced by early UK punk and USHC with subtle underpinnings of bands like Sparks and Ultravox, this is punk music clearly made by lifers obsessed with the underground counter-culture. Come, children, time to gather around and drink the electric Kool-Aid of C-TV.







closetchristCLOSET CHRIST – Your in My World Now 7″

Dirty Feral HC from DC informed by chaotic ’80s HC greats like Void, Neos, and Sodom’s ADK omnibus tracks. An amazing six songs in five minutes, all played by one chapped millennial (who went on to do the Hologram EP on LVEUM if you’re a members of type of wank). Definitely barking up the same tree as Nosferatu—young men trapped in the 21st century playing crazy hardcore that could as well be from the ’80s.








sbfS.B.F – Same Beat Forever LP

S.B.F. are a twitching Los Angeles duo made up of CRUZ SOMERS (recognizable via singles under his own name as well as SOCIALITES) and RAY SCHMIDT (RACE CAR), two insular and prolific punks with penchants for punky home-recorded noize. After joining forces in 2016, S.B.F. immediately launched their stun offensive via singles on Drunken Sailor and Goodbye Boozy, surfing praise from the jump. Their recognizable racket—tough punk with electronic twists and stabs—sounds a tad harsher than most of their counterparts, with one member supplying a hook while the other drags it across concrete. With smart and jarring sleights of hand, S.B.F.’s approach combats the very notion that synthetic instrumentation commands electro and/or synth punk classifications. Though their sound is rightfully centered on programmed drumbeats, it’s the dual-guitar punk acrobatics that the duo seems infinitely more concerned with, with guitars alternating between buzz and bludgeon in menacing fashion. This tilt in formula makes S.B.F.’s sound panicked, darkly cinematic and very punk/ Techno toys be damned. This one’s for all the late-nite droolers out there—those that wake the neighbors on weeknights and never ever apologize for it.





unixU-NIX – Nuke Portland LP

U-NIX follow up their impressive debut 7″ on Lumpy with Nuke Portland, a scathing, psychotic hardcore masterpiece. These eight new tracks fire at full speed, with JOHN CARDWELL’s (ex-NASA Space Universe) trebly guitar attack leading the mix alongside a pulverizing rhythm section and gravely maniac vocals. This is total trend-stripping music—a furious hardcore attack that careens forward with precision and speed. An all out ten minute war, cut loud at 45 RPM and full of replay value. Simply put, U-NIX are one of the last pure hardcore bands worth their weight. Nuke Portland comes packaged in a full color sleeve designed by the band plus insert and download code.






vanillapoppersVANILLA POPPERS – I Like Your Band 7″

Quite simply one of the hardest working bands in contemporary punk and hardcore, VANILLA POPPERS are back with their most urgent material to date. Following an excellent 2017 LP on Lumpy, 3/4 of the original lineup relocated from Cleveland to Melbourne, Australia, home of vocalist CHRISTINA PAP. The four new tracks on I Like Your Band find the Poppers on top of their game, driving home hook-laden punk hits beneath Pap’s ruling vocal presence. And what’s more? The band’s gritty, live charm is captured at its best here by BILLY GARDNER (Ausmuteants, Antifade Records) and dialed in on the mix byMIKE GILL (Perverts Again, Cruelster). A near-perfect EP delivered with the precision and attitude of first wave ’70s PUNK and executed with the style and confidence that few contemporary acts possess. I Like Your Band comes packaged in a glue pocket sleeve with artwork from WILLIAM CHAPMAN plus lyric insert and download code.






fallTHE FALL – Rough Trade Singles LP

The Rough Trade Singles collects The Fall’s four singles recorded for this influential label in 1980 and 1983 – How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man’ / City Hobgoblins, Totally Wired / Putta Block, The Man Whose Head Expanded / Ludd Gang and Kicker Conspiracy – none of which appeared on any of the band’s studio LPs. With 7-inches being the era’s vehicle for buzzing communiqués, The Fall would use the format for short-form, standalone works rather than as mere promotional devices for forthcoming albums. “Totally Wired” is often cited (and rightfully so) as The Fall’s most infectious tune – an amphetamine-fueled anthem with stuttering nods to forebears, yet too incisive to have been https://viagrageneriquefr24.com made by anyone else. “How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man’” is another mad hoedown, one reimagined for the post-punk age. While the playful rhythm machine on “The Man Whose Head Expanded” almost suggests danceability, Mark E. Smith’s idiosyncratic shriek on “Kicker Conspiracy” pierces through the twin drumming of Paul Hanley and Karl Burns and the group’s unpredictable / unmistakable racket. Together these songs remain some of the absolute best material The Fall would ever release. Superior Viaduct’s edition is the first time that The Rough Trade Singles has been available on vinyl domestically. Liner notes by Brian Turner.





thlosinstreaksTH LOSIN STREAKS – This Band Will Self Destruct LP

The highly anticipated and way overdue second album from Sacramento, CA freakbeat legends TH’ LOSIN STREAKS has finally landed in the sweaty palms of Slovenly Recordings, and we couldn’t be more gassed! This Band Will Self-Destruct in T-Minus finds Th’ Losin Streaks regrouping after a devastating break-up in 2010—six years after the release of their debut LP Sounds of Violence—teaming up once again with long time friend and producer CHRIS WOODHOUSE (Thee Oh Sees, Blind Shake, Ty Segall) for the sole record he agreed to produce in 2018—the same record proclaimed by mastering engineer TIM WARREN (Crypt Records) to be “’The best American tribute to Freakbeat ever made.”  Let’s be frank for a moment here: what this ain’t is the simplistic and primitive ‘Streaks garage stomp of yore. This band has stumbled upon a sophisticated formula that relies far less on the 1-4-5, as the new “Order of the Day” finds our veteran hipsters in all-out mod-mode, propelled by ace-face Mike Farrell’s freshest and most inspiring melodic tattoo to date – you’ll swear it’s the searing cacophony of shagged-out Limey teens dosed on a fistfull of vitamin E, kicking out a wall of twistable scree front and center at a liquid light show in early 90s Madchester. Genius maniac drummer and fellow MONKS fanatic Matt K. Shrugg works in two hairy shots of beat-punk snarl as a composer / vocalist on this outing, monking up a mutated version of the “Complication” riff on “Falling Rain,” and you can bet your Beatle boots it was his call for the lone cover of ultra-obscurity “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” by Brooklyn no-counts The Jagged Edge. Band leader slash rhythm axe maestro Old Man (Tim) Foster is on rave-up duty here, knocking out four surly tracks of pure 1960’s rage. Foster’s partner Stan Tindall, from zebra-clad garage ne’er-do-wells THE TROUBLE MAKERS, is back on the bass, laying down a bottom so thick and soupy you’ll be scraping it off of your face until the release of the next Losin Streaks long player, so apologies if you’re waiting as long as you did for this ‘un, but it’s a good look, kook!






Rising from the doughnut hole of Fresno, CA, FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES deliver their first LP full of harmonies and high kicks. Produced by the legendary ALICE BAG, FC&PP have created body positive queercore riot pop that serves heaping spoonfuls of the personal and the political. AMBER FARGANO (lead vocals/ukulele), VISHINNA TURNER (bass/backing vocals), AUDREY JOHNSON (drums), VICTORIA CROW (back vocals/glockenspiel) and STACI MCDOWELL (back vocals/chord) are the girl gang that will make you eat your heart out. For fans of The B52s, Gravy Train!!!, Le Tigre and X Ray Spex.









terrorizerTERRORIZER – Caustic Attack LP

Vinyl LP pressing. A violently explosive album for increasingly turbulent times, Caustic Attack is the sound of a world nearing apocalypse. The songs conjure images of warplanes on bombing runs, giant tanks obliterating small villages and the endless rattle of machine guns mowing down everyone in sight. Pete Sandoval has long been known as one of the fastest players in death metal – the pioneer of blast beats – and he certainly doesn’t hold back here. At the same time, even the fastest songs are tighter and more precise than Terrorizer have ever been thanks to veteran producer Jason Suecof, who’s painstaking method of recording showcases Sandoval and his team at peak capacity.





tragedyTRAGEDY – Fury LP
Six new Tragedy songs on a 45 rpm 12” with a “tip-on” vintage style jacket that comes printed in either blue or red.  The songs are less metallic than “Darker Days Ahead” and more reminiscent of Tragedy’s classic dark melodic sound.  For fans of Tragedy.  Members of Tragedy have also played with His Hero Is Gone, Trauma, Union of Uranus, Severed Head of State, Deaththreat, Copout, Call the Police, Criminal Damage, Warcry, and From Ashes Rise (plus tons more).  Yes, a CD version will eventually surface.  (Tragedy Records #7)







bloodpressureBLOOD PRESSURE – Surrounded LP
Say there was a Keystone State Wrestling Alliance of sorts that consisted of a plethora of regional hardcore punk bands instead of a gaggle of scantily clad lowbrow beefcakes in spandex… Pittsburgh’s own BLOOD PRESSURE would surely be the undisputed heavyweight champions of this fictitious league that I envisioned whilst rocking a slash in that alley across from the Rock Room. Yeah, I was pretty hammered BUT who would object to such a notion though?! Hell, the proof is right here in the pudding buddy roe, which in this case is essentially just a bunch of pureed proteins and starches – AKA precisely the recipe of audibility that these yinzers have mastered and carried out time and time again. Two years away from the studio clearly didn’t turn them into slouches by any stretch of the imagination. “SURROUNDED” supplies an undeserving world with ten tracks of seething and hate filled hardcore punk that is bound to tickle the fancy of any and all “real ones” or whatever. Cover art by the esteemed and ever so handsome Nicky Rat. BPHCFU b/w “WHAT YOU  GONNA DO WHEN MOLE-A-MANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU? (Beach Impediment #34)





highonfireHIGH ON FIRE – Electric Messiah LP

“I had a dream about Lemmy,” says Matt Pike, explaining the inspiration behind the title of High on Fire’striumphant eighth album Electric Messiah. If there’s one aspect of the band that warrants comparison to Lemmy’s mighty Motörhead, it’s longevity. 2018 sees them celebrating 20 years of thunderous heavy metal, with brothers-in-arms Pike, bassist Jeff Matz, and drummer Des Kensel having been firmly intact for the last dozen years. Along the way the band has forged a distinct identity of towering riffs, a propulsive rhythm section, shredding solos, and lyrics of Hessian poetry. “This is by far the best record I’ve ever made with the High on Fire stamp,” Pike adds. “It just keeps getting better and better. We just try to outdo ourselves. I’m not saying the old work is progressively worse, it’s just that we get better every time instead of burning out, which is a common finality for a lot of bands. This album is f***ing excellent, I just love everything on it, I’m not bummed about anything. It’s great when you think that about your record.”





ocsOCS – Live in SF LP

A mesmerizing live set by OCS—JOHN DWYER and BRIGID DAWSON with a 7-piece backing band featuring PAUL QUATTRONE, TIM HELLMAN, TOM DOLAS, HEIDI MAUREEN ALEXANDER, and a string section comprised of HEATHER LOCKIE, EMILY ELKIN and ERIC CLARK. Recorded by ERIC BAUER at the Chapel in SF, December 17, 2017.







carbonasCARBONAS – Your Moral Superiors LP

Fast, tight, and irresistibly tuneful, Atlanta’s Carbonas took America by storm in the mid-2000s with a slew of catchy singles and hit-laden albums. The group dragged into its orbit some of the best and brightest of Atlanta’s burgeoning punk scene, launching careers and developing a rabid fan following (and inspiring at least five tattoos). At the height of their popularity, they disbanded, leaving the masses clamoring for more material. As songwriters, the band were incredibly prolific, gradually developing from a lo-fi treble blast (à la Rip-Off Records) into a finely tuned Euro-punk steamroller, and drummer / producer Dave Rahn was there to record all of it. For the past decade, however, many of these tracks languished on four-track cassettes, hard drives, and out-of-print singles and compilations. Finally, as they enter their twilight years and reflect on their legacy in the face of impending death, the Carbonas have decided to give these tracks to the world. Ryan Bell (Scavenger Of Death Records) was tasked with raiding the archives and tracking down tapes and files, as well as sequencing and mixing audio, wrangling posters, flyers and liner notes and cover layout. Goner Records is proud to present this collection of all the hits and misses from Atlanta’s finest.