New Arrivals – Nov 4th

We got in a ton of new records over the last few weeks.  Here’s some of our favorites:


R-14085459-1567565118-3603.pngSUBHUMANS – Crisis Point LP

As a staple of the punk scene, all of the Subhumans’ records are still in high demand and this long-overdue repress of their 2007 album couldn’t be coming at a better time. Subhumans are one of the most influential bands from the UK anarcho-punk scene of the ’80s filed right alongside Crass and Conflict, and just as relevant today as they were during the darkest days of Thatcher’s Britain. When Subhumans self-released this album in 2007 they hadn’t recorded new material in many years, and the response of many was that they sounded angrier than ever.  (Pirates Press Records #253)





881970016129_mainHUSSY – Looming LP

The Hussy formed as a duo in Madison, WI in June 2008. Fronted by both Bobby Hussy (guitar / vocals) and Heather Hussy (drums / vocals), the band carved a trash-punk path through the 2000s into the 2010s playing shows alongside contemporary peers and timeless classics such as Mudhoney, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Twin Peaks, Reigning Sound, Spectrum (Ex-Spacemen 3), Black Bananas (ex-Royal Trux),The Black Lips, King Khan & BBQ, White Fence, The Faint, Tenement….and way too many more to all mention here. Known for their intensely chaotic live shows, they quickly gained a cult following in the Midwestern underground. After the release of the band’s classic and long sold out sophomore album, Weed Seizure (2012 – Tic Tac Totally), they played pinnacle garage rock festival Gonerfest in Memphis. The band is slated to play Gonerfest 16 later this year. The Hussy’s hyper-prolific output has spanned 20+ different record labels and every format imaginable. Both Bobby and Heather write songs and contribute equally to the project. Nearly all releases have been tracked by Bobby Hussy himself. In 2015 The Hussy added Tyler Fassnacht (Fire Heads, Proud Parents, T.S. Foss) as an official full-time third member to help fill out the sound at live shows. Now bolder and noisier than ever, The Hussy is exciting old and new fans alike with scuzz-pop gems chock full of hooks that rot and stick. At the end of 2018 The Hussy started tracking their new LP, Looming. Their last album saw the band move into a more focused direction with earnest mid-fi production and added arrangements, while still keeping true to the band’s knack for writing consistently catchy pop morsels. This album takes the band in a decidedly dismal and defiantly dark direction. It tackles topics such as death, sudden loss, divorce, addiction and these politically depressing times. The record is sixteen tracks of trash-pop that run the entire gamut of punk-rock-n-roll. There are spacey leads, heavy sonics, slicing rhythms and generally gnarly sounds all tucked beneath The Hussy’s patented blanket of hook. This is the “new” heavier three-piece version of The Hussy, but the band hasn’t lost any of it’s knack for a sugar sweet melodies.




5d4497319f6d2_mainLAGWAGON – Railer LP

As the first band to sign to Fat Wreck Chords and the label’s flagship since its inception, LAGWAGON helped define the musical focus of the label and the punk genre. With 8 full-length albums, a live record, a b-sides album, an EP, and too many singles to count; Lagwagon’s ability to consistently deliver the familiar sound they’ve defined, while conveying something entirely novel with each album is unparalleled. Unlike the last few Lagwagon albums, Railer was written in an incredibly condensed period of time, in an attempt to capture the spirit of the band’s early days. Songs like “Stealing Light,” “Dangerous Animal” and “Dark Matter” bristle with a raw, ragged and pure energy that harken back to the band’s early days—unique for any band to have after almost 30 years of existence. At the same time, Railer accurately and honestly reflects who Lagwagon is in 2019, both lyrically and musically. Life has moved on in the three decades since Lagwagon started, but it’s not something the band has entirely left behind.




5d8bd122cd1fb_mainNOCTURNUS – The Science of Horror LP

Although he played a pivotal role in the emergence of the early U.S. death metal movement as both a co-founder of MORBID ANGEL and a member of INCUBUS in the mid-to-late-1980s, MIKE BROWNING’s legacy is most inextricably tied to his involvement in NOCTURNUS in the late-’80s and early-’90s. In 1990, Nocturnus revolutionized death metal with the release of its first full-length album, The Key, which for the first time in the history of the sub-genre incorporated keyboards as an essential element of a death metal band’s sound. During a critical three-year period prior to the release of this album, Nocturnus developed this unique sound, as documented by two demo recordings, entitled Nocturnus and The Science of Horror, which were disseminated on cassette format in typically limited numbers in 1987 and 1988, respectively. The second of these demos, in particular, contains embryonic versions of several songs that would eventually be re-recorded for inclusion on The Key. However, as tends to be the case with demo recordings, these versions represent a significantly more primitive musical vision, as compared to the more polished recordings on the ensuing album. This new reissue includes both the Nocturnus and The Science of Horror demos and updated original artwork from the renowned ZBIGNIEW BIELAK.




5d8bd10f83346_mainNUPTA CADAVERA – Self Titled 7″

The debut, two-song EP of dissonant black metal from a band mostly shrouded in mystery, but with ties to the Korpsånd Circle in Denmark. A self-annihilating synthesis of the bold, metallic glint of guitars, the melodic thrust of keyboards, and the grim and desperate vocals that cut through both.








5d825e9b8ccb4_mainPOWER – The Fool 7″

POWER is—and has been the real deal for quite some time. This single serves not only as a testament to that fact, but showcases two of Power’s best creations yet. Like thunder rips across the sky, the pounding drums on ‘The Fool’ signal the oncoming storm of slashing rock and roll. The single sees Power explore a side of band which has always been simmering beneath the surface—and it seems the time was right for them to unleash these raw new tunes without holding back. Pure electric guitar damage from this most formidable three-piece. With the ‘The Fool’ cutting a figure which could’ve been found backstage at a show headlined by Venom and The Stooges, the flip, ‘Give It All To Me’ displays a range of heavier melodies intoned by 80’s cult groups such as Wicked Lady and Iron Claw. Power have stayed true to themselves and continued to ride towards to the storm.




5d825ddf288e8_mainSLUMP – Flashbacks From LP

“Too much so-called psych-punk or acid-punk or whatever boils down sonically to some efx added to a familiar punk/rock format. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t qualify to my ears. On the other hand, this SLUMP band from Richmond, Virginia, ranks high. Very high. (And so am I.) They’ve been around for about four years now, with the current lineup of WILL FENNESSEY (bass), TONY NOWOTARSKI (Moog/guitar), NICK YETKA (drums), and SUSPICIOUS SONNY (vocals/guitar). They self-released a single in 2016 that kinda reminds me of the NYC HC band Kaleidoscope, except there are prominent electronics. They also released an excellent split EP (with True Body) that found them expanding the songs into longer chunks that allow for more freedom to move.   And that brings us to their debut LP. Slump has retained the hardcore and sludge, but it would be hard to convince some people that this is punk-rock at all. (It is! And it isn’t!) Let’s mention Hawkwind. The UK space-rock group has become a template for riff-heavy acid-eaters over the past 40 years, and Slump is certainly in that line. It all opens with a riff that resembles the MC5’s “Black to Comm” and quickly descends/ascends into the dirty sky above beneath inside outside us all. Don’t expect an easy ride—this is gonna be a bumpy but very worthwhile trip. “No Utopia”? There’s a sane slogan for modern America. Whatever explicit message (?) may lie here is buried in volume and psychedelic mud. The hardcore urge beats the messenger to death again. I think that’s a good thing myself. Evolve, baby—evolve! Things ROCK on “(Do the) Sonic Sprawl”—conjures up visions of Philip K. Dick and 1980s Sonic Youth and some sorta (r)evolution (no Utopia!). “Throbbing Reverberation” is the shortest track and another rockin’ jam. The title gives a strong clue. Forward-thinking metal fans should dig this. Imagine Voivod with a LOT of noise in the mix.   Then things seem to get even darker. “Desire Death Drifter” comes on like 90s Japanese psych rockers White Heaven. And dig that space gurgle. Killer. I think this might be the “hit”! “Electric Dissent” is a militant acid stomp that sounds like a more condensed version of Hawkwind’s “Brainstorm.” At six minutes, “Sensory Cocoon” still manages to be one of the more rippin’ things here—a DMT cannonball hurled through punkspace. “Tension Trance” is another long-ish rocker—great heavy riffs pushing harder and harder into the cosmic slop. It all closes in heavy fashion with “Trip Sitter,” a slow-burnin’ churner that splits apart about halfway through to reveal pure electronic swirl—before the rock rudely interrupts again. Hope ya dig a little bitter in yer sweet. That’s life, man. Killer diller—no filler! Gimme that heavy stoned slouch—gimme some Slump!” —Eddie Flowers, Vulcher/Gizmos/WLSD




5d4b13cbb2aa8_mainSNUFF – There’s A Lot Of It About LP

After a long hiatus (yet again), one of the UK’s most notable and unique punk exports SNUFF are back with a brand new full-length. 6 years has passed since Snuff broke their former hiatus with the acclaimed 5-4-3-2-1…Perhaps? and talk about a return to glory! There’s A Lot Of It About hits the mark yet again, fitting perfectly with hallmarks like Demmamussabebonk and Snuff Said. TALOIA is a return to that trademark Snuff sound that took up where The Specials left off, turning abandoned dancehalls into adrenaline filled clubs where punks, mods, and skins all stage dived together. The energy, melody, and, dare we say, danceability of There’s A Lot Of It About is at the exact level that earned Snuff such praise as “the best band in the world” from the NME. With hit after addictive hit, Snuff exceeds the expectations of even the most fervent fans. Twelve classic tracks with horns, hooks, and catchy melodies that exemplify just why they have survived for over 30 years make certain There’s a Lot of It About will quickly be considered among the best albums of Snuff’s vast catalog.




767870657627_mainTHIGH MASTER – Now For Example LP

Here it is! Brisbane (via Melbourne), Australia-based quartet Thigh Master are back with the long awaited second album Now For Example—the follow up to their 2016 debut Early Times. Following a string of sold-out singles as well as tours of U.S., Japan and Europe, the guitar-pop-guardians of the Brisbane underground deliver this latest, a twelve song hook-laden exertion, filled with imperious string bends and riffage framing witty tales of lethargic social observation, concocted by band leader Matthew Ford.  Now For Example sees the most compelling and virtuosic combination of Thigh Master members to date, with Innez Tulloch (guitar / keys), Dusty Anastassiou (drums) and Daniel Ford (bass) contributing heavily to its foundations and creating a bulk of their parts off-the-cuff during recording sessions, which took place in various houses between Melbourne and Brisbane. The intervals of ragged, jangly guitar riffs interspersed with waves of distorted sonic mischief recall the late ’80s / early ’90s Flying Nun sound of The Clean, Bats and 3Ds.




616822138229_mainCRYPT SERMON – The Ruins of LP

Crypt Sermon return with their highly anticipated new album, The Ruins Of Fading Light! A follow up to 2015’s critically acclaimed debut Out Of The Garden, this latest is a collection of existential meditations set to the backdrop of looming, apocryphal vestiges from a lost dark age. The lyrics explore the limits of faith and family, life and loss, strength and pride. Between thundering riffs and plaintive moments of acoustics, the music explores new territories on the landscape of epic doom and heavy metal. Still, one message echos as Crypt Sermon march onward, “We’re doomed.”  This album was again recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Eternal Champion, Sumerlands, and more) at Creep Records.




767870659362_mainDISCO JUNK – Underage Punk 7″

“Teenagers are the future, not Millennials, sorry, but that’s just the truth, and it’s time you got used to it. Upon entering the Melbourne record shop known as Lulu’s last fall, I was approached by one BILLY TWYFORD, clutching a copy of the recently-released Cheap Nasties LP. After a short chat, I suggested he send his band’s recordings to us, and surely enough, not even 9 months later we have the debut EP from DISCO JUNK here for your virgin ears. Brash, rude, inconsiderate punk from a kid who can’t wait to break LOOSE, with impressive mid-tempo chops, and whose hatred of his surroundings has runneth over with style. It’s just so refreshing, four teeth-smashing tracks of teenage angst boiled in benzoil peroxide, and smeared all over your greasy face. We really hope he doesn’t get grounded for his anti-social disposition, not to mention his good taste in song material, but this pure teen turmoil distilled into pure, raw rock’n roll is something to behold, and this kid really knows his stuff. With help from BILLY GARDNER (AUSMUTEANTS, LIVING EYES, Anti Fade Records), this debut EP really jumps down your throat with echoes of Jay Reatard’s bedroom demos, along with the most wirey early moments from The Fall, and the sick menagerie of Murder Punk progenitors.”—VictimofTime.com




767870659348_mainTRAMPOLINE TEAM – S/T LP

“New Orlean’s most vicious byproduct is back with their most impressive effort to date. If you like your showers scalding, your sun blinding, and your brain crushed into a fine powder and then blown into your face, then this band is definitely for you. TRAMPOLINE TEAM’s sophomore LP is here and it’s got everything real punk is lacking these days. Toxic tonality, gutteral enunciation, and a guitar/bass/ drums onslaught that just doesn’t let up until you’re withered, drained, and left in a puddle of black fluid. The new LP is a step in the right direction from their debut and earlier singles, with a more guitar-focused brash’n bash, and angrier, less-stylized (yet just as desperate) vocals, which really crank up the animosity and intimidation factor across the board. For a three-piece, this is hard-fried punk economics that does wonders for your lost brain cells, and it swings much heavier and harder than their previous efforts, where you could feel a pop-inflection in most of the chorus hooks. Those good times have been replaced with rage, and it’s a welcome emotion in our current state of affairs. Everything is straight for the throat here, restrictors unleashed, regulators removed, and what was hinted at on their ‘Drug Culture’ single is now fully realized in all it’s filthy punk glory. Features newly added drummer DREW OWEN (SICK THOUGHTS, DTK), along with core members MICHAEL HE-MAN and SAM.




R-14102060-1567879161-2915.jpegIRREAL – Fi Del Mon LP
IRREAL from Barcelona surprised us last year with a 6 track Demo tape of crude Hardcore which saw the band playing loads both local and internationally. The line up was made up of Barcelona punk scene stalwarts (NUEVA FUERZA, DESTINO FINAL, BARCELONA, ANARQUIA VERTICAL, UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE) which were not new to writing razor sharp riffs and impossibly catchy yet aggressive beats so their song writing and live performances lived up to the expectations. 2019 saw the band facing guitar player changes and with a new line up they entered studio with Dani Frutos to record the 9 songs on Fi Del Mon. 9 tracks or urgent hardcore punk continuing the tradition of modern Barcelona Hardcore while keeping and eye in Finish hardcore and which are not afraid to turn the speed down to a pace that could bring to mind mid paced DISCHARGE or CRO-MAGS. The riffs are thick and crunchy, full of feedback and distortion, backed by a solid rhythm section and a assertive Catalan voice which makes sure to enunciate every syllable breathing some fresh air to an otherwise stale scene.  Mastered by Brad Boartright at Audiosiege. Fi Del Mon comes in a 350 gsm reverse board sleeve designed by singer Arturo and comes with a lyric sheet.  Released on time for IRREAL’s USA East Coast tour which kicks off in Philadelphia on September 19th and ends at Varning from Montreal Fest.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #201)




R-11790553-1522431773-8792.jpegSPECIAL INTEREST – Spiraling LP
Special Interest is a four piece punk band emerging from New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining elements of No-Wave, Glam, and Industrial Special Interest create a frenetic and urgent revisioning of punk and electronic music for a modern world gone mad. Propulsive analogue drum machines, a swirling layer of detuned samples, and a driving bass line create the foundation across which angular guitar work and dissonant synth lines glide. Front and center are Alli Logout’s commanding vocals and razor sharp lyrics moving from high camp satire to insightful political imperatives often within the course of one song. Special Interest initially formed in 2015 to play one show in a basement. Originally a two piece with Alli Logout and Maria Elena playing guitars and power tools over the beat of a 70’s Univox drum machine. Soon after they ditched the power tools and were joined by Ruth Mascelli on electronics and Nathan Cassiani on bass. Special Interest quickly gained a reputation for their intense and energetic live shows. A dense wall of sound oscillating from aggressive and noisy to joyous and danceable punctuated by the no holds barred on stage persona of their vocalist. Special Interest have embarked on several short tours of the southeast and have traveled to play festivals such as Suoni Per Popolo, Slut Island, Not Dead Yet, and Dumb Fest. In the Summer of 2018 they completed their first East Coast / Midwest tour. The members of Special Interest are each veteran DIY musicians in their own right involved in a web of bands and side projects. Maria Elena is currently a member of the punk three piece Mal Flora (and was formerly a member of no-wave band TV-MA). Ruth Mascelli produces and performs electronic music under the name Psychic Hotline.  Alli Logout is an independent filmmaker (“Lucid Noon Sunset Blush” is their stunning debut and has been screened internationally) and member of the punk band Lassie as well as performance art meets dance music duo Skantch. Nathan Cassiani is a member of the prolific and well loved punk bands Patsy and Mystic Inane.  (Anxious Music #4/La Vida Es Un Mus)




R-14037563-1566580032-8001.jpegKORROSIVE – Observations From The West LP
After a Demo Tape, a bunch of live tapes, two 7″ EP’s and a split 7″with Appendix, Korrosive are finally back with their debut full length. The Bay Area band hasn’t changed their sound at all and what you can hear on this record is the usual wall of sound totally inspired by old school Finnish hardcore punk. Kaaos are of course on the top of the list, but Mellakka, Rutto and Bastards are the names that come to my mind after multiple listenings to this masterpiece. The LP will be released on time for their June European tour.  Only 500 pressed (only 150 made it to the United States.  (Agipunk Records #118)






R-14055174-1566946101-5954.pngNIGHTMARE – Thirsty And Wander LP
Latest album by japanese hardcore band Nightmare, the same guys who made the excellent “Give Notice Of Nightmare” back in 1988. The 10 new songs are great and the old power of Nightmare is still there. Along with Gauze & Warhead, Nightmare is one of the few classic Japanese bands that never broke up and it’s still going strong after all these years. Limited to 500 copies only.  (540 Records #60)






R-14168822-1569146416-9629.jpegOBSESSIO – s/t LP
OBSESSIO’s debut is a blast of crude hardcore. Formed during the extremely dark times of August of 2018 and based between Athens and Barcelona the band first statement is an 8 track 12” at 45 rpm which knocks you down with the first chord. Kindly indebted to the living legacy of TOTALITÄR, CRUDITY and other Nordic Beat greats while keeping an unmistakably modern swagger. Breakneck pace and musical manufacture care of three Greeks who have set the stage for Angela’s no doubt bleak summary of the world, whose distinctively intimidating and minimal powerhouse voice crashes across OBSESSIO’s music. No songs over 2 minutes, no frills or tricks, no contemplative pondering on delicate matters, and most of all no fucking melody.  Recorded, mixed and mastered at Ignite Music Studios in Athens. Sleeve designed by the greatest Teodoro Hernandez who effortlessly captures the bleakness and rage contained in this PUNK 45 RPM 12”.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #195)




R-14250381-1570735472-3430.jpegTHE MEZMERIST – The Innocent, the Forsaken, the Guilty LP
Prior to this reissue, one would have had to pay exorbitant amounts of money on the collectors’ market to obtain an official copy of the band’s first and most fabled 1982 EP, “The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty.” The most noteworthy contributing factor to the rarity of this EP was the fact that the percussion on it was performed by none other than Bill Ward, one of the original four grandfathers of heavy doom metal. As a split release with Shadow Kingdom Records, Nuclear War Now! is proud to present a vinyl LP compilation of both 1982 and 1985 EPs, featuring audio taken from the original master reels, a layout that appropriately mirrors that of the original 1982 EP, and an additional insert with a rare band photo, lyrics, and liner notes. With this reissue, a chance encounter and the ensuing collaboration between a legend of heavy metal and an unknown musical visionary is recaptured, and the elusive history of The Mezmerist is properly given its due.  (Nuclear War Now Records #439)




R-14059019-1567028529-1966.jpegINEPSY – Lost Tracks LP
No surprises here, just 7 more songs of the catchy, gritty, stompin’ punk that Inepsy was known for. Basic tracking originally done in 2009, subsequently finished in 2017, and finally released now. No self-aggrandizing review hoping for flavor-of-the-day treatment. Love them or hate them, Inepsy didn’t care and doesn’t now. Comes with a large poster.  (Feral Ward Records #70)








a1654302514_10EVIL/SIEGE COLUMN – split 7″
As label mates on Nuclear War Now!, Evil (Japan) and Siege Column released their debut full-lengths under its banner in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Upon hearing Evil’s album, “(Rites of Evil),” Joe Aversario of Siege Column was so impressed that he asked YK Insulter of NWN! about the possibility of releasing a split recording of the two bands. Both bands and the label agreed, and the result is this five-song split EP of metal mayhem and diabolism available first on cassette and later on 7” vinyl. Each band resumes where it recently left off, with a contribution very much in the same vein as on previous recordings. Evil’s three tracks combine the aggressive precision reminiscent of early Teutonic thrash with the unhinged fury of Sarcofago and its Brazilian contemporaries. Siege Column complements these with two offerings of barbaric death metal that obliterate all that somehow managed to survive the initial onslaught. The lethality of each member of this alliance is compounded by their joint inclusion, resulting in a split EP that confirms the merits of the format when properly executed. (Nuclear War Now Records #450)





5d950ca4086f6_mainDAS DRIP – S/T LP

After a scorching demo and three standout contributions to the American Idylls compilation, Sorry State is proud to present the debut release from Raleigh, North Carolina’s DAS DRIP. When Das Drip went to record with KRIS HILBERT at Legitimate Business studio in Greensboro, North Carolina, they told him they wanted their record to sound like Government Issue’s Legless Bull EP. While it does sound a lot like the explosive snot-punk of early GI’s (as well as hormone overdoses like Gang Green’s This is Boston Not LA tracks or Negazione’s Tutti Pazzi EP), no one will mistake this for retro rehash. Most of Das Drip is double the age of your typical Teen Idle, and they’ve spent those years listening to and playing a lot more than just hardcore. Which isn’t to say this is “mature” either; after all, how can you call a record “mature” when its catchiest lyrics are “tapeworm hanging out your butt?” Most hardcore bands’ attempts to articulate rage and angst look like a three year old’s temper tantrum next to Das Drip’s debut, which is wilder, faster, crazier, and more intense than pretty much anything you can toss at it. Maybe Das Drip is for people who don’t like hardcore anymore because of the macho attitudes, unimaginative tunes, uninspired playing, or any number of other valid reasons. Really, though this record is perfect for anyone who wants the opposite of a Spotify playlist with the word “chill” in the title.




767870659522_mainGUIDED BY VOICES – Sweating the Plague LP

Guided By Voices is now an unlikely candidate for the most perfect rock band of all time, while at the same time being a thoughtful reflection on what a rock band is, a fantasy that becomes a fact. Sweating The Plague, the band’s 29th album and their third this year, spars playfully with stadium-sized fidelity and uncharacteristically impactful arrangements. Producer Travis Harrison’s counterintuitive approach to Guided By Voices’ historically lo-fi sound is that he doesn’t want it to sound homemade, while the grinding tectonic plate guitars of Doug Gillard and Bobby Bare Jr. anchor the album. Play it loud!  Being a fan of Guided By Voices can feel like standing in a ticker-tape parade and reaching out to grab at stray releases as the endless flurry of output from the Needmore Songs publishing house billows around—but here’s twelve compatible nuggets of Pollard content in one handy package, all boxed up and ready to go.




5d950c891bfab_mainISS – Alles 3rd Gut LP

The first and only punk band of the 21st century is back with their third full-length record. This time around the masters vomit up fourteen more half-digested bits of (punk) culture, chopping and screwing the classics in a way that perfectly articulates what it’s like to live in the dumpster fire we call 2019. As the novelty of ISS’s schtick—constructing new songs from samples of classic punk records—wears off and the project gathers the patina of maturity, Alles 3rd Gut doesn’t sound like passing of a fad, but rather the cementing of an aesthetic. With the possible exception of “Elevator Shaft” (which, incidentally, features a memorable guest vocal from MISS LADY of WARM BODIES and BB EYE), the samples on Alles 3rd Gut draw less attention to themselves, getting out of the way so as to spotlight the first-class lyrics and songwriting that have kept every ISS record glued to my turntable for months on end. Speaking of which, topics as diverse as (Barron) Trump’s America (“Barron Wasteland”), careerist musicians (“Mac N Me”), white people at the gym (“White Man in Hammer Pants”), white people in cars (“DDYSWHP”), and weird smells (“Aromatherapy”) all come under the ISS microscope. To the already converted: behold, the new scriptures have arrived. To the rest of you: welcome to the brilliantly warped world of ISS, the universe’s greatest current punk band.




843563121047_mainMORTIFERUM – Disgorged From Psychotic Depths LP

Pacific Northwest death / doom metal abomination Mortiferum follow-up their lauded 2017 Altar Of Decay demo with their anticipated debut album Disgorged From Psychotic Depths.  With the recognition the band got within the death metal underground from their demo (initially self-released, later on released on vinyl through Profound Lore Records), alongside consistent touring and nonstop live activity, Mortiferum had already brought awareness upon themselves as one of the more notable and promising new US death metal bands today. Now, with Disgorged From Psychotic Depths, this monstrous offering crawls forth as an anguished slab of death doom filth of the most wretched order. Dark and foreboding through monolithic, brutal, and crestfallen riffs, alongside malformed, dissonant, and rhythmic rumblings, this album is a towering and dreadful benefaction of atmospheric imposing death metal ruin and depravity, reeking of the stench of the early ’90s American and Finnish death metal scenes.




5da8ee6d31aef_mainPOISON IDEA – Pig’s Last Stand LP

POISON IDEA’s epic 1993 “Farewell” concert performance available for the first time on vinyl. Fifteen tracks including covers of G.I.S.M., Bauahus, Ramones, and The Wipers. Packaged in gatefold jackets with tons of previously unseen photos from the show. Includes a poster reproduction of the original show flyer designed by MIKE KING, and a bonus DVD of a 4-camera shoot of the entire concert.






5d8a89c8bb27f_mainSYPHILITIC VIRGINS – Complete Studio LP

Although SYPHILITIC VAGINAS has produced two full-length albums in its thirteen-year history, it is probably most recognized for the much more prolific number of EPs and split recordings that it has released during that time. Five of the earliest of these recordings, along with eight previously unreleased tracks, were first compiled and released in 2008 on CD format by Rescued from Life Records in a collection entitled Complete Studio Recordings. This same compilation of destructive metal punk mayhem is now hereby released for the first time on vinyl 2xLP format, courtesy of Nuclear War Now! Productions. These thirty-five tracks perfectly distill into a single release Syphilitic Vagina’s dedication to a blend of sleazy and decadent sinvocations that rival those of the Japanese masters that the band admires most. Achieving a rare feat of being both raw in nature and incredibly precise in execution, the riffs are catchy and memorable without losing any of their undeniable virulence. Meanwhile, the demented vocals beckon one to commit unforgivably perverse pleasures of the flesh, as the bass and drums churn away as the maelstrom at the epicenter of the storm that harnesses its fury and drives it forward. Whereas the full-length album is typically seen as the standard by which a band’s worth is measured, Complete Studio Recordings, as a series of snapshots in a band’s early trajectory, reminds us of the potency that can be achieved in the more focused and abbreviated format of the EP and split, but only when the artist itself is up to the task. In the case of Syphilitic Vaginas, this prerequisite is satisfied in spades.




721616811629_mainVASTUM – Orificial Purge LP

After four years of near silence, Vastum return with Orificial Purge, their much-awaited follow up to the acclaimed Hole Below. Their fourth album, Orificial Purge offers a distinctive blend of sinister atmosphere, punishing brutality, and an unparalleled lyrical and visual imagery that traces connections between perversion, mortification, and an abyssal mysticism of sin. Elements from previous albums are preserved here, but they are both evolved and devolved at once. The mid-paced dirge and cave-dwelling riffs are littered throughout, but are intertwined with slicing melodic dissonance and celestial virtuosity, all against the background of a bulldozing rhythm section. The dual vocal / lyrical exorcisms of Daniel Butler and Leila Abdul-Rauf combine to deliver unsettling, dichotomous meditations on “abjection as life, life as tragedy, and tragedy as an eviscerating, eroticized rapture through which an evil and useless humanity comes into being.” With four standout albums over the course of the last eight years, the effect of Vastum’s influence has by now seeped out onto the wider underground death metal scene, leaving an indelible mark due to their singular amalgam of aural primitivism and aesthetic originality. Their most markedly refined and tortured oblation to date, Orificial Purge represents the dominant return of Vastum, a death metal band founded on the lived experience of mutilated minds and bodies.




5d8a8a15752dd_mainGOATPENIS – Jesus Coward LP

At last, the long-overdue and first-ever vinyl reissue of the final and most significant of the original three GOATPENIS demos from the early 1990s is unleashed. Jesus Coward, along with the debut album, Inhumanization, is widely considered to be among the very best of Goatpenis’s output. This represents the initial release in the First Blood series of early Goatpenis recordings from 1992 to 1994 to be made available by Nuclear War Now! There will be 3 LPs in total, and each demo is to be pressed as a separate 12″ in order to preserve the aesthetic integrity of each original release. Nothing new has been added to modernize the aesthetic, as had been done on previous reissues. All three are to be presented in the glory of their crusty ugliness, as they should be!




5d8a8a33cee6c_mainKAMIKAZE PALM TREE – Good Boy LP

The brainchild of DYLAN HADLEY (drummer for TIM PRESLEY’S WHITE FENCE and CATE LE BON) KAMIKAZE PALM TREE is “post punk, psych, but really really melodic and vulnerable, a hard mix to pull off… it has heart but it can also be tough,” according to Luke Jenner of The Rapture. Rough Trade called Good Boy the best record of the year, and the band will tour their release heavily following Dylan’s performance with Cate Le Bon on the upcoming Mercury Prize Awards. Cate says of second single: “Sharpie Smile sounds like Aksak Maboul chewing on Devo chewing on the meaning of existence on an undiscovered European peninsula. It’s authentically weird. I love it.”




R-13780807-1561818348-2178.jpegNOSFERATU – Solution A LP
Texas’s Nosferatu unleash their first full-length of hardcore ramped-up into its highest echelons of breakneck propulsiveness, whizzed-up and faultily-wired, a tumbledown chaos of Siege-like flurries, whipping about with Die Kreuzen sharpness, or the more modern uncompromising flailings of Permission and No. Ugly barks, murky blurs of riffs slammed into you with the force of a bomb-blast. Barely room for breath, most of the tracks snapping off with little ceremony, apart from on the Under The Sun which drags that grimy noise out into a grubby itchy monster three times the length of most of the other tracks on the album, and on the apocalyptic stomp of the closer Solution Absolute.  (Todo Destruido #38)




R-1328750-1266272268.jpegTHE COMES – No Side LP
Official reissue of seminal Japanese Hardcore band THE COMES debut. Originally released in 1983 on Dogma Records, a newly created City Rocker’s side label to release Hardcore/ Hard punk) No Side remains a milestone of first wave Japanese Hardcore. A vital document to understand the days when the Tokyo Hardcore scene was small and unknown with G.I.S.M., EXECUTE, GAUZE and THE COMES as main runners. Bands who shared stages, record labels and who grew to be one of the most varied, influential and enigmatic punk scenes of the planet. THE COMES music is frantic and sharp punk, bass driven and manic sounding with vocalist Chitose aggressive vocals punctuating every syllable and dominating the tunes. Like most first wave Hardcore acts they own their own sound and albeit many times imitated it has never been matched.  No Side reissue comes on an old school  paste on board textured sleeve with a faithfully replicated insert.  (La Vida Es Un Mus #200)




R-14168232-1569130362-6811.jpegKOHTI TUHOA – Ihmisen Kasvot LP
After 2 albums and an EP on Southern Lord and Svart Records, Finland’s Kohti Tuhoa are ready to unleash their brand new 12-track LP on LVEUM. The new album Ihmisen Kasvot presents killer songwriting with influences ranging from powerful Killing Joke -like tom-tom beats to fast-paced hardcore punk á la Impalers, with several nods to classic Finnish Hardcore Punk bands such as Varaus. The 12 tracks paint a picture of an overpopulated dystopian world that’s being slowly destroyed by self-centered human behavior, delivered with Helena’s piercing yet versatile vocal work.  Recorded at VR Studio in Turku, Finland and mastered by Jack Control (Enormous Door) Ihmisen Kasvot comes with a sleeve painted by Kohti Tuhoa’s trusted cover artist Jaakko Karjula. (La Vida Es Un Mus #198)




767870659287_mainUBIK – Next Phase LP (with download)
Back when they started out as a side project of Melbourne’s goth punk band – MASSES, UBIK described themselves as “Catchy brat-beat with a little sprinkling of anarcho goodness”. That still rings true but with a slight lineup change and a couple years of practicing/gigging, they’ve gotten 100x tighter and traded most of the goodness for a bit more snarl. The catchiness remains strong a deliberate. This band rules, we can’t wait for you to hear their best work. 125 translucent lime green, 125 creamsicle orange and 350 on black vinyl housed in a custom diecut 24pt reverse board jacket with insert and download card included. Sounds and mastering by Mikey Young. Art by Sam McKenzie.  (Iron Lung Records #148)




767870658419_mainELECTRIC CHAIR – Performative Justice 7” (with download)
Imagine KORO, DISORDER and BATTALION OF SAINTS mixed together and you start to get an idea of where the new ELECTRIC CHAIR EP starts off. It doesn’t sound like any of those bands but we just need you to keep that in your head. There ain’t much going on in there anyway right? Frantic 80’s style hardcore punk punk punk from members of BETA BOYS here. This style has been popping up more and more in the Northwest and we couldn’t be more delighted. In short, this band rips and you should hear it, so slip in to something fingerless and jam this at maximum volume.  300 black and 100 neon green 70 gr vinyl records housed in a 12pt custom diecut glued pocket sleeve. Art by the band. Recorded by Detto. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. (Iron Lung Records #142)




R-14176853-1569293582-2721.pngBOOTLICKER – Nuclear Family 7”
The 3rd single from Bootlicker is ready and just as crushing as everything else they’ve done. This five piece D-Beat band from Vancouver/Kamloops BC Canada take the No Future catalog, infuse it with some of the Scandinavian hardcore ala Bannlyst or more contemporary groups such as Bloodkrow Butcher and create a scathing attack of modern hardcore. Silk-screened pocket sleeves in a limited pressing of 350 copies with printed insert.  (Neon Taste Records #11)






R-14136356-1568509857-3233.jpegHAIRCUT – Sensation 7”
After turning some heads with their debut 7″ entitled “SHUTTING DOWN” released on the high quality Feel It Records label back in 2017, HAIRCUT have finally unleashed their follow up with the “SENSATION” EP. Four tracks of pummeling hardcore punk that retain the velocity and ferocity of the band’s previous output whilst adding a decisive dose of meat and potatoes to the sonic formula, all the while Juliana belts out lyrics in both Spanish and English at a feverish pace. As we collectively sit on the cusp of entering the 2020’s within a matter of months, HAIRCUT is a wonderful reminder that when it’s done with equal parts precision and passion there’s just no room for the gimmicks, posturing or other eye roll inducing baggage that tends to afflict the genre of hardcore punk, be it regionally or internationally. Such purity can stand on its own two feet and present itself loud and proud which is something that all enthusiasts can take great delight in as this genre cascades into yet another decade of continuation. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve with art and layout done by Colombian punk artist Juan Sebastian Rosillo. (Beach Impediment #43)




R-13293752-1559432331-3141.jpegLARMA – s/t LP
Can one ever have enough quality mangel in their life?! Beach Impediment is proud to not only be handling the North American pressing of this bombastic debut by Sweden’s LARMA but to also answer that lingering question with a resounding “HELL NO!” Considering the folks in this band have been responsible for a large portion of the top tier raging hardcore punk to come from the greater Scandinavian area via their previous endeavors in the likes of SKITKIDS, HERÄTYS, INFERNÖH and loads more over the past couple decades, it’s not even remotely surprising that the contents of this 12″ are a remarkable regional tutorial sorts worked into a proper ass kicking from start to finish. Eleven tracks of kang punk hysteria that is not for the faint of heart. Each record comes in a UV gloss jacket featuring cover art by the band’s own Jonas Pungen. Limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies. (Beach Impediment #42)




R-14141062-1568587481-2687.jpegLOOSE NUKES – Behind The Screen 7”
United by the confounds of the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, LOOSE NUKES is truly an East meets West hardcore punk detonation of immense proportions. Consisting of one half of Pittsburgh’s late great BLOOD PRESSURE along with other residents of the Quaker State that have served time in the likes of SICKOIDS, DARK THOUGHTS and countless other Philadelphian greats over the years, the pedigree is undeniable and, as one would guess, the tunes themselves are high caliber in both their composition and raw delivery. “BEHIND THE SCREEN” is eight tracks of smoldering hardcore punk in just over nine and a half minutes. If you’re looking for some kinda new spin on the olde wheel, it might be best to just keep walking / scrolling / etc. But if ya got a hankerin’ for well executed hardcore punk, well shit bud, you’ve arrived! Each record comes in a double sided fold out sleeve a la the Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Furious Party 7″ adorned with art by resident Nukes crooner Jim Shomo. (Beach Impediment #41)