Life Fucker – ST 7″. New Arrival at Thrillhouse Aug 29th

LifefuckerLIFE FUCKER – s/t 7”
Do you remember the good old days of Berlin hardcore? Neither do Life Fucker and THANK FUCK! The new wave of raw Berlin hardcore is here and alongside fellow labelmates/push moshers PISS, LF are holding a match to the firecracker set to explode under the asses of all the would-be artists, internet activists and party people currently scourging the German capital. Not everything in Berlin used to be better, people and Life Fucker are a response to the long unanswered question of where to pit this Friday.
For Fans of PiSS, S.H.I.T, Destino Final etc. !!!  Artwork by Alexander Heir.  (Static Age Records #26)