We always try to carry the newest releases from Tokyo’s Hardcore Survives label, which puts out some of the newest bands in the Japanese Scene as well as split and tour only releases by bands that tour Japan. Their newest Release “τρίαινα” (trident) a three way split 7″ by The Savages, Solpaatos and new band Povlacion is in the shop now!  The music rages and It’s a really beautifully designed 7″ with a lot of attention paid to the layout and use of color.


Here’s the labels description of the release: “The title means trident in Greek. It is stabbed sharpen edge by those 3 bands The Savages/Solpaatos/Povlacion. Separated each side like Raw punk attack on Red-side and Emotional sadness  punk on Blue-side. It contains each band’s attractions and burning hearts.  The Savages is singing UK82′-Japanese raw hard punk by their original sense. Solpaatos is cursed by Finnish punk ghost from snow land Niigata to Finland. and Povlacion is first vinyl on this time. seems to lyrical and pastoral early 80’s Euro hardcore punk (especially Spanish/Dutch feelings) in their own Raging thrash raw hardcore punk. Screaming from each bands and towns. a new masterpiece of Japanese Raw punk attack! “