We always try to carry the newest releases from Tokyo’s Hardcore Survives label, which puts out some of the newest bands in the Japanese Scene as well as split and tour only releases by bands that tour Japan. Their newest Release “τρίαινα” (trident) a three way split 7″ by The Savages, Solpaatos and new band […]

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Nice collection of Rare Records hitting the Floor Sat 6/10/16

Thrillhouse Recently purchased a nice collection of original pressings of punk, post punk and Indie records including some rare original Band self released editions ( “Industry standard”) that  as well as a few psyche, AOR and  private rarities. Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Big Boys, Feederz, New Order, Joy Division, Kreator, The Clash, Lydia Lunch, The Jam, The […]

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